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When Lizelle Cilliers boarded a plane from New York to South Africa, she had no idea that the universe was about to make her trip “home” so much more meaningful!
Lizelle’s name had just been drawn as the winner of our Tails Up Lottery Scheme for February 2024. And in the presence of our auditor, we were trying desperately to call her. At 36 000 feet above sea level, it’s no surprise she wasn’t answering. In desperation we sent a WhatsApp message which she replied to immediately. She was, as that precise moment in time connected to the plane’s wi-fi and had her phone in hand. What were the chances that our winner who has been living in New York for the last 10 years would be on her way to South Africa at the very moment her lucky number was drawn?  Call it a little bit of magic or serendipity, we were glad to be part of it!  And equally glad that we could make her trip home even more memorable with a tour of our facilities and some time spent with our animals – who Lizelle donated her winning directly back to! Here’s what she had to say below:
We have been living in New York for almost 10 years now and often get asked what we miss most about South Africa, for me it is you guys. There is nothing comparable to your organisation here, the local version of the SPCA works only with pets and there is a massive void concerning the care of other animals. We live in a village only 25km away from Times Square, but have raccoons, skunks, opossums, groundhogs and even coyotes literally in our garden. Animal Control is supposed to help with injured or sick a wild animals, but they keep office hours and don’t work weekends! The next option is the police who will come to shoot the animal. I know this is hard to believe, but very true; there are frequently people on the local FB groups asking for help with wild animals and just not finding a solution. I myself have been in that situation and desperately wished that I could teleport you guys over here! I follow your wonderful work on FB and love how no animal is too small or big or strange for you to care about, from fish in aquaponic tanks to trying to stop the horrendous act of live export. I will always support you, no matter where in the world I am. I’m attaching pictures of our two NY cats, Pippin(Pampoentjie) en Pinky Rose. Love, Lizelle”

Tails Up Club Lottery

Cape of Good Hope SPCA wants to roll out the red carpet of service delivery with the Prestigious Tails Up Club Lottery. 

Ticket holders stand a chance to win their share of R120 000 prize money with all proceeds earmarked to support mobile clinic presence and operation in high burden, high need areas within the Cape Town Metropole.

Animal lovers can now engage a win–win campaign that will directly increase sterilisations, vaccinations as well as treatment of minor ailments including deworming, tick and flea management with a once off R600 ticket valid for 12 months or a monthly R50 subscription to the Rising Stars Tails Up Club.  

You can sign-up online at to stand a chance to win you share of the R120 000 with the monthly draw of R10 000 paid to the lucky ticket holder.

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