They don’t say a word, but they’re crying out for help

We’re listening – and doing what we can to rescue and heal severely injured horses. But we’re also crying out for help . . . and hoping that our group of most loyal donors – our Best Friends – are not only listening, but willing to lend a hand.

As you probably know, we’re building a Critical Care Stable, with all the facilities needed to save horses’ lives. Already, the stabling, recovery area and operating theatre are complete – with a sling and hoist system to transfer sedated horses to theatre.

But we still don’t have the money to buy the operating table itself. And this is where your support – and donation made online here – to become a member of Best Friends will make all the difference.

Because, we’re still losing horses that could have been saved if we’d been able to perform emergency surgery in a fully equipped theatre.

Billy was brought in with a severe case of colic. Our vet removed part of a length of twine from his gut, but he died. And he could have been saved if we’d been able to operate.

Tom Thumb was stolen from a yard in Atlantis and ridden away along the road, where he was hit by a car. He had numerous injuries requiring stitching.

Maddison died from internal bleeding after impaling herself on a metal fence post that had fallen over.

Eddie was stolen by kids in Mitchell’s Plain, and ridden mercilessly for two days before he was rescued. He had whip marks all over his body – including his testicles. We treated his wounds as best we could. But, without an operating table, it’s too dangerous to attempt to shave the area to prevent secondary infection.

We could go on – but I’m sure you get the picture. We urgently need a full size equine operating table. But, at R500 000, this is something that is just way beyond our means. Unless caring animal lovers like you will help.

Your Best Friends membership gift of R600 (or more) – made online here – either as a once off donation, or spread over 12 monthly payments – will go to towards the operating table.

If you can’t manage the full membership gift this time, please just click here to give as much as you can. Because every gift helps . . . every gift is sincerely appreciated.

And we’ll acknowledge your full membership gift by sending you a laser engraved star-shaped silver key ring, to remind you of the star role you’re playing in helping horses in distress.