Breaking boundaries for Animal Welfare

Breaking boundaries for Animal Welfare

Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse travelled 60km to Grabouw,  outside Cape Town, to rescue an injured German Shepherd. The dog had a front paw with exposed bone due to unknown injury. The wound was badly infected and in desperate need of urgent veterinary attention. The owners failed to provide the dog with veterinary attention. It was reported that the dog has been in this condition for more than a week. The Grabouw Animal Welfare Society called us for assistance after the owner refused to accept their offer of help. 

Cape of Good Hope SPCA obtained a court order from the Grabouw Magistrates Court to rescue the dog. We will now be proceeding with a criminal case against the owner for animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act, for failing to provide the dog with the required veterinary care. The dog is now safely in the care of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and in our Hospital.  Doctors had to amputate the affected toe due to the advanced stage of infection and the damage caused.

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