Diagnosed with Epilepsy – “We are still taking her”

Diagnosed with Epilepsy – “We are still taking her”

Ava was set to go to her new home. On the day she was to be collected, Lwazi, our Animal Care Assistant at the kennels noticed she had fallen over. It seemed she was having a slight seizure. He rushed her to the vet immediately.


Ava’s New Parents

Richard and his wife visited the Cape of Good Hope SPCA during the nationwide lockdown when we had just opened adoptions by appointment. It was love at first sight when they saw Ava for the first time. SPCA called them to inform them about Ava’s setback and that our veterinarian had requested to have blood tests done. They were very patient.


Ava’s background

Ava was surrendered to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA during the first week of level five lockdown. Her family had separated. Since her arrival, Ava spent a few weeks in the kennels and we got to know her well. She was always sweet and easy-going with other dogs. No signs or symptoms manifested during this period. She spent quite a bit of time around staff during her stay. Our kennel staff were all working during the lockdown.

Parents to the rescue

Despite Ava’s uncertain prognosis, Richard and his wife said: “We are still taking her”. They came to collect Ava and took her to their private vet where she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Ava was initiated on a variety of medication and ongoing treatment. The first few weeks were difficult, but they persevered.


Forever Home

Ava was one of the lucky ones. Richard and his wife gave Ava her second chance in life, not knowing that they were in for pure love and joy. We regularly get new photos and the happy family keeps us updated on Ava’s progress and wellbeing regularly.

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