During this time of crisis it’s easy to forget what else is going on . . .

During this time of crisis it’s easy to forget what else is going on . . .

While our thoughts are churning with the fear of catching a life-threatening disease . . . the possibility of losing our jobs and livelihood . . . fake news, confusion and frustration – life goes on.

And cruelty to animals doesn’t stop just because people are worried about the coronavirus.

If anything, it’s worse.

Because it’s easy to take out frustrations on a dog or cat that gets in the way. Or abandon pets when you don’t have enough money to feed yourself.

And just as human behaviour doesn’t change during a pandemic, neither does nature. Winter is coming, regardless.

You can feel it in the shorter days and the chill of the first snowfalls carried on the wind. It’s only a matter of time before relentless rains fall over the Cape Peninsula, and low-lying areas are flooded with freezing water.

Our Inspectors will be kept busy rescuing dogs and cats that have crept into drains, old crates and derelict buildings in search of warmth, and horses left to stand in open fields, with no protection from the wind and rain.

And our SPCA will be ‘flooded’ with animals in need of warmth, food and care.

Which is why we urgently need your help – and donation made online – to stock up on fleecy blankets . . . new dog beds to replace those that are worn out . . . warm bedding and blankets for the horses . . . and lots and lots of extra food.

Because, animals burn up more energy keeping warm in winter. We get through a ton of dog food alone every week.

Please don’t let the plight of so many suffering animals be forgotten while all the attention is focused on Covid-19. Let them continue to feel the warmth of your kindness they need so desperately right now.

You can make your contribution safely and conveniently right now by clicking here.

This is the best way to help – rather than dropping off actual items at our SPCA. Because we buy in bulk, we get special discounts on food for the animals. And we have volunteers who make all our blankets for us if we just buy the rolls of special fleecy material.

Since the beginning of the National Lockdown, our SPCA has seen a big increase in stray and unwanted animals, as people find they can no longer afford to feed and care for their dogs and cats. At the same time, adoptions have been put on hold – leaving hundreds of pets with no hope of finding new homes. Your support – and donation made online by clicking here – are the only things that keeps us going through these challenging times.

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