The 4 Ton Challenge; Fill a Bowl Warm a Heart

Winter is here and it’s time to warm up our dogs from the inside out, with extra helpings of nourishing nosh!

Our pooches eat a lot, especially in the cold winter months when they need to eat more to make up for lost body heat. 

The 4 Ton Challenge

Your donation will help us build a 4 ton stockpile of dog food, to see us through the two coldest winter months.

We have 350 dogs in our care at any time.

Here are our food costs:

   1 day             68kg           R1 000                      

1 month         2 tons            R30 000       

2 months      4 tons              R60 000       

We go through more than 2 tons of dog food in one month.

Peanut is typical of the majority of dogs who come into the SPCA: emaciated and desperately in need of regular food and care from animal lovers like you!

When you fill his bowl, you’ll warm his heart too!

We prefer receiving monetary donations rather than donations of dog food, as we get a great discounted price from our preferred dog food supplier. This ensures we feed our dogs a consistent nutritious diet – and get more food for your buck! It costs us less than R3 a day to feed a dog.

Please support our 4 Ton Challenge! Thank you!
Pledge Your Support! Fill a Bowl, Warm a Heart!

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