This is What a Hero Looks Like

Our Inspectors are heroes. They do whatever it takes to rescue an animal or get to the bottom of a cruelty case. 

Even if it takes hours … even if it means putting their own safety at risk … and even at great personal sacrifice.

But did you know that you’re our hero too?

Because you make it possible for our Inspectors to rescue animals in their time of crisis.

The Rescue of Rainbow Dash

The SPCA has 20 Inspectors:

  • • On call all year round
  • • Covering a vast area of 3 200km²
  • • Responding to about 350 animal cruelty and distress alerts every day.

Last year, they rescued 36 500 animals involved in animal cruelty cases.

Your donations keep our Inspectors on the road.

 You put fuel in their vehicles, provide equipment for their rescues, and ensure the SPCA always has enough skilled manpower on call to handle any rescue situation.

Our Inspectors can’t function without you.

The SPCA receives no funding from government. You are the only superpower we have!

A Year in the Life of Our Inspectorate

4 947    Cruelty complaints received

10 563 Warnings issued

8 874    Follow-up inspections to cruelty complaints

633       Routine inspections (abattoirs, hawking sites, pet shops, petting farms, etc.)

10 424 Animal collections

36 500 Animals involved in cruelty investigations

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This is what a hero looks like

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