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Inspector Trevor Rodney was caught by surprise when he received a call, not for the usual tortoise, rabbit, or rodent in need, but for a young swift that got caught in the last storm. Not all heroes wear capes, some report the smallest beings in need, and others respond to that call. Anyone can be a hero! Thank you for your care and for sharing your gratitude to the team that responded to this call. 
To the team at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.
“It’s not often that one feels the need to put pen to paper to highlight a deed well done – but this act of goodwill deserves to be mentioned. We were astounded on the morning after the intense storms that blasted our city last week – to open our curtains to a tiny, weak and soaked young adolescent swift lying in our gutter off our verandah. Being incredibly weak and wet, we placed it in a box and tried to nurture it back to strength. Later that same day we acknowledged that our actions needed a greater reaction and called the SPCA to ask for their advice. The reply was that they would happily collect the ailing bird from us and assume responsibility.
This call to action from them was honoured and at 6pm that evening, Inspector Trevor Rodney rang our doorbell with a welcoming smile and warm little box. He handled the situation most professionally and reassured us that the utmost care would be taken by him and his staff. He further enlightened us about the habits of the swift breed and said that the bird would be re released in the vicinity where it was found when it was ready.
This act of kindness for something so inconsequential in the larger scheme of life is to be lauded. It shows that the SPCA is committed to doing their job no matter how small the gesture. A huge and heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to the organisation. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing! Best regards” – Beth Stols

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