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Wednesday 21 April Update

We are still experiencing a high call volume.  Please only call for matters pertaining to animal emergencies. We have received an overwhelming response in support of our ongoing efforts.  Currently, we sufficient fresh produce and perishables as well as medical supplies, thanks to public and corporate contributions.  Our immediate needs are dry and canned animal food, blankets as well as old newspapers.  


Due to COVID, our volunteer program has been suspended at our facilities and we are receiving support from other organisations in the field.  If the need arises for field volunteers we will make a public appeal on social media. Follow our Facebook page @CapeofGoodHopeSPCA where we will continue to post regular updates from the field.


Monetary contributions can be made with 3D authentication security via our online payment gateway.   Thank you for your continued support. 

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Tuesday 20 April Update
Monday 19 April Update

The Cape of Good Hope has Inspectors at the site of the fire and stationed at the Disaster Operation Centre in Goodwood forming part of the disaster risk management team. It is too dangerous for us to enter the area right now so we are monitoring the periphery for any animals fleeing the flames and we are deeply concerned for those who may be trapped in the inferno as well as the injured which we have been unable to reach. As soon as we can, we will be combing the fire-ravaged areas for any injured animals who will be brought back to our short-term wildlife care facility for treatment. 

Our Inspectors have a desperate need for a trailer to be able to transport emergency supplies now and for emergencies that will occur in the future.  If anyone can assist with a second-hand trailer, that would be most appreciated.

I want to make a monetary donation towards the emergency response
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Safe Haven for Animals

Homes are being evacuated close to the fire. If you need a safe haven for your animals.

The SPCA, PDSA and Frits Dog Hotel has opened our doors to assist people evacuating their animals free of charge. We will offer a safe haven for the animals until the disaster is over. NB: We advise the owners to bring their vaccination cards for the animals with them.

Contact details:

SPCA – 021 700 4140

PDSA – Veronica Nell – 063 608 7624

Frits Dog Hotel – 021 200 4244

Other in-kind donations needed

Donations of dressings, bandages, Silbecor ointment, cool packs, fresh fruit and vegetables for the animals and supplies like energy drinks, energy bars and eyedrops for the team in the field will be highly appreciated.

Please drop these off at our Grassy Park premises

What can I do to help the animals?

We also are calling on the public who reside in an area close to the site of the fire, to please:

  • Place shallow plastic containers filled with water in your garden for the animals who will be in desperate need of water.
  • If you come across an injured animal and it is safe to do so, please try to confine larger animals and place smaller animals in a covered cardboard box to minimise their stress and call the SPCA on 0833261604. (Only for animal emergencies)
Alternative Drop-off points:

With thanks to Absolute Pets who have agreed to co-ordinate donations for us, donations can be dropped off at the following Absolute Pets Stores:

  • Flamingo (Tableview)
  • Welgemoed
  • Cape Gate
  • Gardens
  • Constantia
  • Cavendish

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Your continued dedication, ongoing support and passion for protecting the lives of wild animals is what makes us successful.

Thank you for everything you do to help make this a better world for all animals.

Contact Our Inspectorate

The SPCA is the only organisation that offers a 24-hour Inspectorate service.

Contact our Inspectorate by calling us on
(021) 700-4158/9
083 326 1604 (after hours)

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