Permit Issued for Translocation of Smitswinkel Baboon

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CapeNature has issued a permit to have a young dispersing male baboon from the Smitswinkel Bay troop translocated to the Stormberg Conservation Baboon and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in the Eastern Cape. Read more below:

The necessary arrangements are being finalised to have SWB12 captured and translocated as soon as possible.

On 2 March 2022, CapeNature, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, and the City of Cape Town made a joint decision under the leadership of CapeNature to invite organisations to apply for a permit to have SWB12 translocated to a suitable facility outside of the Western Cape.

The decision followed two unsuccessful attempts at relocating SWB12 to the Da Gama troop in December 2021 and February 2022, respectively.

SWB12 left his natal troop in October 2021. Unfortunately, he failed to integrate with the Da Gama troop and since then he has been spending almost all of his time in Simon’s Town and surrounds, increasingly displaying raiding behaviour.

The City’s service provider, NCC Environmental Services, will keep on monitoring SWB12 until the translocation has been effected.

CapeNature, the CGHSPCA, and the City are calling on residents, the general public, and stakeholders to please not follow, or interfere with SWB12 in any way.

The public is also reminded that the feeding of wild animals is prohibited by law.


Photo Credit: The Cape Aflame

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