Seal Harassed by Beachgoers, Rescued

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As 2022 came to an end, our team still had their hands full the last few days with various rescues. With beachgoers flocking to the various beaches around the mother City, our Wildlife team was ready and on standby for any calls about wild animals in distress. Such a call was from Bloubergstrand, where a Cape Fur Seal was in trouble.

A tired Cape Fur Seal came out to the shore to rest but was constantly being harassed by beachgoers on Bloubergstrand. The seal was tired and slightly underweight. It is nothing out of the ordinary for seals to come to the shore to rest and regain their strength. Unfortunately, this seal was constantly being harassed, and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA was called in to come to the rescue.

We promise this seal is not related to Santa the Seal that was rescued in Athlone – flipping the streets.

Our Wildlife team immediately responded to assess the situation. Upon arrival, our Inspectors could see that the seal was very exhausted and needed some rest to recover. However, getting rest on this beach was out of the question.

Beachgoers wanted to take selfies with the seal and off-leash dogs were chasing the seal. The safest option was for our team to capture the seal and take the seal to our Wildlife Department in Grassy Park to rest and regain his strength without any disturbances in our aqua ponds.

After a few days of rest and good food, and the seal was ready to be released.

Our team selected a quiet beach along Milnerton, and the seal was successfully released. Without hesitation, the seal left our carrier box and off he went into the sea. A happy ending.

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Cape Fur Seal rescued from Bloubergstrand after being harassed by beachgoers.

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