Wildfire survivor rescued after callously tossed into a recycling bin

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Amidst the challenging task of battling the late December 2023 wildfires, our dedicated team of inspectors faced an unexpected call that would lead to a heartwarming rescue.

On the 24th of December 2023, a concerned citizen alerted our team to a homeless man who was seen with a tortoise inside a plastic bag, presumably seeking refuge from the raging wildfires.

Inspector Werner Taljaard, en route to assist his colleagues in addressing the wildfires and rescuing animals, received a dispatch to handle this unique and urgent situation. The witness, who reported the incident, detailed that the suspect had callously tossed the tortoise into a recycling bin, leaving the helpless creature alive but trapped.

With a sense of urgency, Inspector Taljaard rushed to the location provided by the concerned citizen. Upon arriving, he halted in front of the bins, ready to confront the distressing scene within.

Carefully peering into the bin, Inspector Taljaard discovered the tortoise, miraculously still alive despite the ordeal it had endured. With swift and gentle hands, the dedicated inspector rescued the tortoise from its confined space.

The fortunate tortoise was then transported to the SPCA Wildlife Department for a thorough assessment and subsequent release back into its natural habitat. The heroic efforts of Inspector Taljaard ensured that this resilient creature, displaced by the wildfires, would have a chance at recovery and freedom.

As the investigation continues, charges of animal cruelty loom for the heartless perpetrator responsible for this cruel act. Our team remains committed to safeguarding not only the community from the wildfires but also the vulnerable animals affected by these disasters. In the face of adversity, our inspectors stand as guardians, ensuring that every life, no matter how small, is given a fighting chance.

Please contact us if you know of any animal that is being neglected or treated badly. By reporting cruelty, you help to free them from suffering.

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