You could never live like this

 How would you like to live in a dirty box, exposed to all the elements, with three other people? Tough luck if you needed the toilet, hurt yourself, felt sick or needed to stretch your legs … there’s no way out.

Nobody in their right mind would want that – yet that’s exactly how four dogs were forced to live …

… and it’s how they would have died if we hadn’t saved them, thanks to friends like you who support our work.

Nobody cared that these animals were highly stressed – even biting one another out of sheer frustration. Nobody cared that they were at the mercy of the sun, rain, storms – but someone tipped us off because they knew that we cared.

You’ll be relieved to hear that our Inspectors removed all the dogs – immediately – and all of them are safe now, here at the SPCA. We’re hoping you’ll want to help us rehabilitate them and click here to donate towards their medicine, food and care until we can find them the homes they deserve.

Can these dogs count on you? Your support – and online donation made by clicking here now – will also help us to keep rescuing pets from people who simply shouldn’t have them.



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