Imagine if we hadn’t found Chance?



A life on the streets where the rule of thumb is the survival of the fittest would not have been kind to Chance.  Her emaciated and scarred body was already testament to her inability to compete for scraps of food or safe refuge.

To make matters even more difficult for her, Chance had a severe deformity of her front legs that was more than likely a result of malnutrition from birth.

Even so this fighter was still trying to survive the cold and dangerous streets.

What would have become of this innocent soul if we didn’t get to her in time?

If it wasn’t for the support of people just like you we dread to wonder how different Chance’s life would be.

But you did help and our Mobile Clinic operator was able to find her just in time.

With your help we were able provide Chance with underwater treadmill therapy (UWT) offered pro-bono from the kind team at Peninsula Vets to help treat her condition. To date Chance has been to 3 UWT sessions and we are slowly but surely seeing some improvements thanks to the support of people just like YOU.  In addition HILLS has provided Chance with the highest quality nutrition to further improve her health and wellbeing.






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